September at Chatham Hill Winery

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Open every day except Monday to assist you with your gift giving and wine dinner needs. 11 to 5 pm Tuesday - Thursday; 11 to 10 pm Friday (WineAway Friday 6 to 10), 11 to 7 pm Saturday; and 1 to 5 pm Sunday.

WineAway Friday - 9/1, 9/8, 9/15, 9/22, 9/29

Stop at the Winery after work to WineAway the work week. Relax with friends with a glass of wine or beer. Play Wine-opoly, Cards Against Humanity or just cards. Feel free to bring along take-out from a local restaurant. We have delicious cheeses, crackers and other munchies for sale. LIVE MUSIC: 9/15 Church Street Jazz, 9/29 Half Past Six. FOOD TRUCK 9/29 – 454 Grill 6-8:30pm

Component Weekend - 9/2 & 9/3 - So much to learn. Where do I begin? I don’t taste what everyone else does. All that wine stuff is hooey! Is it really? Let Chatham Hill Winery help you with a very first step in learning how to identify flavors in wine. This weekend we will be offering with each of our wine tastings a Component Tasting. Afterwards you can say, “I taste green apple”; or perhaps, “I get a smokiness with a hint dark chocolate” too!  Sat 11 –7; Sun 1 - 5.

Wine & Potato Chip Weekend - 9/9 & 9/10 - - Keep your carrot sticks and jugs of juiced kale, I say; give me Potato Chips! As far as we're concerned, they’re the ultimate snack food. And, in general, America seems to agree, since we eat about 17 pounds per person per year. And—the key consideration here—they actually go GREAT with wine. This weekend we will be paring three different flavored chips with three different wines. What's your fav?

Liquid Sugar Cookie Weekend - 9/16 & 9/17 - Sugar Cookie Weekend is about unleashing your inner child and celebrating the simple sugary-goodness of this traditional treat. In the 1700s a group of German settlers arrived in Pennsylvania, and by combining sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla and baking soda they created a simple yet delicious food, now known as the Sugar Cookie. Of course, you don't have to do all that baking, just come in this weekend and sample our Sweet Carolina White, which everyone concedes, 'drinks' just like a liquid sugar cookie.

Wine & Popcorn: A Perfect Pairing Weekend - 9/23 & 9/24 - Officially or unofficially. We are declaring this POPCORN & WINE WEEKEND. America's favorite snack...but with wine you say? Yes. Come in and experience delicious Cheddar Bacon Popcorn with our Merlot. This experience is a little smoky and a little cheesy, and a lot of fabulous.

WineAway Friday - 9/29

LIVE MUSIC: Half Past Six 7-10pm. FOOD TRUCK: 454 Grill 6-8:30pm.

Thieving from the Barrel Weekend – 9/30 & 10/1 Looking for something fun, educational, and unrivaled to do this weekend? How 'bout thieving from the wine cask? The act of ‘thieving’ wine is when the winemaker will taste the young wine as it is still aging and then will check on the progress frequently during the year as it matures. Be our "Winemaker for the Day" while you 'thieve from the barrel' with every winery tour.