January Program

(please check here and home page for updates)

Open every day except Monday to assist you with your gift giving and wine dinner needs.

11 to 5 pm Tuesday - Thursday,

11 to 6 pm Friday, except for every FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH when we stay open till 10 pm for WineAway Friday with live music,

11 to 7 pm Saturday, and 1 to 5 pm Sunday.


WineAway Friday - 1/5 - Stop at the Winery after work to WineAway the week. Open till 10pm with Live Music, by The Hill Country Cosmopolitans from 7-10pm. Relax with friends with a glass of wine or beer. Play Wine-opoly, Cards Against Humanity or just cards. Enjoy food truck specialties or bring your own dish from a local restaurant. We have delicious cheeses, crackers and other munchies for sale. 

Soup and Wine Pairing Weekend - 1/6 & 1/7 - Baby, it's cold outside! Sit back, relax and warm up with a sample of soup paired with a nice Chatham Hill Wine. Saturday 11 - 7; Sunday 1 - 5.

Dark Chocolate & Cabernet Sauvignon Pairing Weekend - 1/13-1/14 - This might not come as a surprise to wine-tasting regulars, but it's still worth a mention. Dark chocolate and cabernet sauvignon pairings are hugely popular, and for good reason. Dark chocolate is packed with powerful, rich flavor so it's only natural that you'll need a bottle with just as much oomph. With hints of red berries, cherries, plums and earthy aromas, it's a smart selection for any occasion. In addition to pairing well with bittersweet chocolate, cabernet sauvignon tastes great with semisweet chocolate too. You will have this experience when you come in for your wine tasting this weekend!

Thieving from the Barrel Weekend - 1/20-1/21 - Chatham Hill Winery Weekend Happenings: Looking for something fun, educational, and unrivaled to do this weekend? How 'bout thieving from the wine cask? The act of 'thieving' wine is when the winemaker will taste the young wine as it is still aging and then will check on the progress frequently during the year as it matures. Be our "Winemaker for the Day" while you 'thieve from the barrel' with every winery tour.

The Nose Knows - How? - 1/27-1/28 - This Weekend @ Chatham Hill Winery: During all of our wine tastings this weekend, we will talk about the important aspect of the olfactory (nose) in wine appreciation. We'll have a "sniffing" experiment just for your nose!