Private Labels are uniquely designed and individually printed for each Customer. They are used exclusively on bottles of Chatham Hill wine ordered by the Customer.


  A design of the label can be arranged by the Customer or by Chatham Hill Winery.  We use a local art studio experienced in designing wine labels. Customer is responsible for the cost of label design.

The label is then sent for approval to TTB (Tax and Trade Bureau) and NC-ABC. Chatham Hill Winery will file all necessary applications at no cost to the Customer.

After TTB and ABC approval the label is printed at a local printing company experienced in printing wine labels. This will be handled by Chatham Hill Winery but the Customer is responsible for the cost of printing.

The entire process may take up to eight weeks.

At the beginning of the process we will present the Customer with a contract proposal including a schedule of work and payments. The contract must be signed and pre-payment received before any work orders are issued.

Prices depend on the number of cases ordered.

  For more information please contact us by  email or phone 800.808.6768

Sample Private Labels